Every high school player need to use My Pro Scout. The feedback and review that my son received was spot-on, 100% accurate and gave him information that he can use to become a better prospect. The service was quick and easy. I would highly recommend.

- Ron Jackson

It's very convenient to be able to log on to My Pro Scout and find specific talent that fits our division. Searching for potential HS players that have been evaluated by former Pro players makes my job easier. I hear the word "evaluate" from a lot companies and it's so far from the truth, but I can honestly say My Pro Scout evaluations are on point, helping both the HS players and college recruiters.

- Anonymous Power-5 Recruiter

Thank you My Pro Scout for the honest evaluation of my athlete. It's awesome to receive feedback from professionals who not only know how to evaluate athletes on film, but also know how to pinpoint areas to help their game improve.

My son is motivated to work on to improving his rating and taking his game to the next level. He is also excited to know that college scouts and recruiters have the ability to see him as they visit your site. The goal is to use My Pro Scout as a vehicle to connect him with a college program.

I would highly recommend this site for all high school football athletes no matter what grade level. If you have film, get your evaluation. See where you stand. Find out what you need to work on to get your game tight.

- Atarius Collier

My Pro Scout has been extremely helpful through its site by providing my high school senior and I with an unbiased and professional evaluation of his current skill-level, strengths and weaknesses. Their method of requiring full game cut-ups for evaluation of the athlete's game, rather than only a HUDL account of "highlights" only, provides a more far-reaching perspective of the athlete's potential. Further, the staff of My Pro Scout are available and extremely committed to provide insight, candor, and strategies to potentially improve the outcomes of the athletics. I highly recommend My Pro Scout for all athletics (and their parents) as an affordable and effective way to understand their true potential.

- Daniel Howard

My Pro Scout, Bernard Pollard and our evaluator all get the highest marks from the student athlete and me. The web site is clean, professional and easy to navigate. Bernard, as the face of the company, was quick to respond to questions, and super helpful with advice. Our student's athlete's evaluation was honest, in depth, and right on target, in our opinion. I would recommend My Pro Scout without reservations to other athletes, parents and coaches.

- Chad Hollenbaugh

After reviewing my son's film evaluation it was clear that My Pro Scout is a very honest and qualified team of evaluators. The feedback they gave did not sugarcoat the areas where my son needed to improve and were in line with the critiques of other qualified coaches/evaluators, as well as our own self-scouting efforts. Where My Pro Scout excelled though, was in their thoroughness, hitting areas that few see, and even fewer understand how to address. My son is using the evaluation as a jumping off point to improve as a player, and will submit next season's film to gauge how far he has come. I will not hesitate to recommend this service to parents, coaches, and players, as I felt like the value far exceeded the modest cost.

- Sean Cameron

The folks at My Pro Scout have been truly professional, knowledgeable, and very instrumental in helping McCain work through his recruiting process as well as identifying areas to improve on his skills. I would highly recommended this service to athletes and families looking to gain the best opportunities and guidance through this process.

- Lance Marrow

We want to thank Bernard and all at My Pro Scout for their thorough and fair evaluation of our son's football skills and abilities. The recruitment process has become an interesting animal clouded by "so-called scouts" and social media. My Pro Scout evaluators are football players who actually played at the college and professional level. They are working hard to assist high school football coaches and their players in connecting with college coaches providing sound evaluations that have credibilty. They also guide high school players in preparing film that is more helpful in the evaluation process rather than the same highlight films everyone is making. There are faults in those star rankings. We hope My Pro Scout can bring clarity back to the recruiting process and help many players who would otherwise be overlooked get to the next level. God bless you and your work!

- Mike and Paige Matthews

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