Frequently Asked

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How do I upload my film to

Copy and paste your video link in the video box on your profile page.

Who can see my profile?

Your profile is made public to all members of

What does “Best Fit” mean?

Best fit refers to the NCAA or NAIA division school the student athlete's skills would best fit.

What does “Rating” mean?

Student athletes are evaluated on a scale of 1-5 based on My Pro Scout criteria.

Will I be recruited simply because I’m a member of

No. My Pro Scout cannot guarantee any student athlete will be recruited.

Can I choose my evaluator?

No. Student athletes will not have a say in who evaluates their film. My Pro Scout guarantees that all film is evaluated by current or retired professional athletes and professional scouts.

Does my “Rating” change according to the evaluations I receive?

Yes. If the student athlete progresses throughout each evaluation the rating can change.

Will my evaluation be made public?

Evaluations are made available to all college recruiters. The student athlete may choose not to make evaluations public to other My Pro Scout members.

What are the scouts looking for in the film that is uploaded to be evaluated?

Scouts will be studying the athlete's movements, reaction, understanding of the game, ability to play the game, competitive edge, potential of the athlete and many more important skills of the athlete’s game in order to best serve the athlete and recruiter.

If I play both sides of the ball, can I show both positions I play on my profile page?

No. Student athletes playing more than one position will require additional profiles. Each profile page is position-specific.